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Let me wrap my legs around you..

I’m Ellie Chase, and I’m so glad you’re here.

I can picture you waiting patiently for me in the restaurant of the hotel lobby. You have a drink in one hand and the other is pressed into your thigh as you try to control the fervid excitement pulsing through your body.

I’m just as eager, yet I approach your table with the calm and poised demeanor that I’m known to possess. As we lock eyes, the chemistry is instantaneous - and as I sit down, we give each other a flirtatious, yet knowing smile. Finally, it’s just the two of us.

It might have been my long, toned legs and perfectly perky butt that caught your attention – my background in competitive gymnastics and dance that sculpted my body into it’s healthy, slim silhouette. Perhaps it was the promise of my staggering green eyes and soft, olive skin that had you curious. Now that I’m in your presence, you realise it’s not just one feature that captivated you – it’s the trifecta.


I’m equal parts beauty, brains, and benevolence. Adored for my natural physical attributes and intellect, and revered for my warmth and kindness. I live every moment with the intention to show tenderness, making your happiness my priority. Each moment you experience with me will be genuine, and authentic.

As we get to know each other you will find that I am both sensual, and studious. With two university degrees and a love of learning, our banter will be playful, endearing and intriguing. Conversation will be our first taste of foreplay – with intellect and wit building the sexual tension between us.

When we’re ready to retreat to the bedroom, you’ll find that I love to tease, and be teased. Our time together will be electric – leaving you completely satisfied yet still craving more. While I love giving you all my attention, I’m always in the mood to explore your adventurous side – I’m a true bisexual with many astounding friends who would love to join us.

Whatever your fantasy may be - I’ll be sure to fulfil it,





Thanks for letting me know!

Might see you soon x



Singapore - 23nd-26th July 2024 (With Elsie Lane)

NYC - 12th-18th September 2024 (With Gracie, Elsie and Sophia)

The rest of the time

Based in Sydney 

Please let me know the city that you would like to see me tour soon.

If discretion is necessary, you are welcome to just write your name & city.

If you leave your email, you are consenting to me contacting you if I organise a tour for your city.



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